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Weekend Videos: Nature In Action

February 6, 2011

This weekend’s video edition showcases two very beautiful videos showing nature in action. The first one is a beautifully shot 8-min short film “Winter in Hell” giving us a glimpse of stunning and jaw-dropping visuals of Icelandic landscape. As the film progresses, the frozen landscape gets transformed when Eyjafjallajokull volcano erupts spewing out hot molten lava. Enrique Pechico shot this video in about an year and spent another eight months to process it and the outcome is just superb.

The second video by Mark Rigler captures another spectacular natural phenomenon–starling roosting. More than 100,000 starlings fly over the skies of Sterte in UK and as they fly and turn and wheel and swoop they make spectacular patterns in the sky– call it avian sculpture in the sky or you can call it murmuration. Starlings are very social birds and these huge flocks provide them socializing opportunity and allows them to keep warm in the night. Large numbers of birds in the flock also provides them safety from their predators. Enjoy these videos and have a great SuperBowl Weekend. Go Packers, Go Steelers!!

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