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Weekend Video: FIFA 2010 Commercials

July 4, 2010

After a week long hiatus, I am back. Lots  of new stories to write about. Let’s get started with this weekend’s video edition which is a collection of five cool FIFA 2010 commercials. Everyone loves good creative commercials which not only does the job of branding but also entertains every time it runs on TV. With Football Worldcup in it’s final stages, let’s take a look at few of the commercials which celebrate the spirit of the World Cup and sports in general.

The first one is Coca-Cola “Quest”. Initially set on a field of dust in Africa, far from the shiny professional stadiums, “Quest” follows a young football enthusiast looking for celebration. He sets off on a magical journey, in search of the sport’s most festive experiences. Along the way, he encounters various football teams, each with their own personal style of merriment. He then realizes the celebration is within himself and he can bring it to any environment.

Nike: Write the Future– How can Nike be left behind in coming up something spectacular. They always do, and this time they have done it again. This 3 minute video captures the sentiments, emotions and expectations of the nations , team and players. What will happen if Wayne Rooney makes a goal and what if he doesn’t? He sees the future for both the instances in this commercial. Even Homer Simpson makes an appearance. Watch it.

The next one is from Pepsi: Refresh Everything. Pepsi and Coca-Cola competition has always given us some of the best commercials. While Coca-Cola is the official sponsor, Pepsi has used social networking and viral video approach and it is making more buzz than Coke commercials. The commercial shows many football stars playing the game with local villagers in a make-shift field. Very funful commercial.

Coca-Cola: History of CelebrationIt tells the story of how Roger Milla inspired footballers to celebrate goals in an African-inspired manner. During 1990 FIFA World Cup , Roger Milla, became the first African player to score a FIFA World-Cup goal. Milla danced his now legendary “Makossa’ or “corner dance” in front of a Coca Cola perimeter board, becoming an icon for players and fans the world over. Awesome montage of celebrations!

ESPN: United

Which one did you like?

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