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Weekday Video: The Arctic Light

June 1, 2011

It’s been a while since I have posted “Weekend Videos”. I will try to make up by posting some of the most amazing videos you have ever seen. To begin with here is a beautiful mesemerizing time-lapse video titled “The Arctic Light” by nature  photographer Terje Sørgjerd. The video was shot between 29th April and 10th May 2011 in the Arctic, on the archipelago Lofoten in Norway. The video captures the moment before the”mudnight sun”, the days when sun almost never sets in some locations in the Arctic. The sun just keeps bouncing in the sky between nights and days and practically never sets! As Terje says, “The Sunset and Sunrise are connected in one magnificent show of color and light lasting from 8 to 12 hours. The sun is barely going below the horizon before coming up again. This is the most colorful light that I know, and the main reason I have been going up…” He broke several cameras and even hurt himself while taking the shots, but the passion to capture these beautiful moments kept him going against all the odds. Enjoy the video.(I had previously posted another very beautiful video cerated by Terje,The Aurora“, so check out that as well)

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