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Wonders of our Solar System

April 10, 2010

Guess which wonder of the solar system these artistic illustrations depict? These illustrations have been done by famous Hugo award winner author and space artist Ron Miller.

The first image depicts geysers on Neptune’s largest moon, Triton. These cryogeysers rise upto about 8,000 m high and consists of Nitrogen frost and Organic compounds. The second image is illustration of Peary crater in the North pole of the moon. In this particular region of the moon, sun never sets and this might be the only part of the solar system where sun always shines (possibly Mercury can have such regions as well). These peaks are called Peaks of Eternal Light or PEL. Due to presence of sunlight all the time, temperature fluctuations are very less, making it a suitable region for lunar travel and habitation in future.

Artist: Ron Miller Source: ScientificAmerican

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