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What in the world are Kwedit and Foopets?

March 4, 2010

Well, I heard for the first time about Kwedit in Stephen Colbert Report yesterday in “The WORD” section of the program. First I thought he is just making up some names and just kidding about the idea of buying things online by just promising and paying it later. But then I googled Kwedit, and found  out that this website does exist with the duck as it’s mascot quacking ” Play now, Pay later”. The idea of this  newly launched website is that you can buy “virtual” stuffs without using your credit or debit card and just promise the vendor that you will pay in some stipulated time, and then you can pay by mail, or at nearest Seven-Eleven stores. It also has a very crazy feature called ” pass the duck” where you can pass on the payment option to your family or friends and let them take care of your expenses, isn’t that crazy!!  Anyway the whole idea, as of now , is for purchasing virtual stuffs, esp with online games.  so now kids as well as adults can play games and buy virtual things and let the quacking duck and parents take care of the rest. Now what kind of games kids play online where they need to buy virtual stuffs?? Well, here comes another website “Foopets” where you can adopt a virtual pet and then feed your dog , play Frisbee or buy your dog a kennel and so on… And for buying those things for your virtual dog, you need real cash and since you are still young to have a credit card, Kwedit comes to your rescue… Hmmm. This whole idea of virtual pets, buying things which don’t even exist, and then paying using kwedit or asking your friends and family to pay for a virtual Frisbee for a virtual dog sounds all messed up to me… Seriously, it’s messed up.

So, Kid-Owes, watch the slamming of Kwedit by Colbert :

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  • 1. yash kapoor  |  March 17, 2010 at 7:49 am

    ha ha…it is really funny…
    I knew about both the sites and wondered that this is epitome of craziness…
    anyhow…check this website if not already done so…it is really interesting…and i have an idea:)

  • 2. admin  |  March 29, 2010 at 12:13 am

    Haha, seriously, these websites were just too much for me…Anyways, whats your idea?

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