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What If Your Toothpaste Tastes Like Rain…

January 7, 2011

What if your toothpaste flavor or color could tell you whether its raining outside or snowing and  accordingly help you plan your day? I know, it sounds crazy, but researcher David Carr at MIT media lab has designed a prototype toothpaste “tastes like rain”  which can change the flavor depending on the outside temperature. In the current prototype, the toothpaste dispenser is connected to a computer which gathers weather forecast information and compares it to previous day’s conditions. Depending on the temperature comparison results, linear actuators are activated which squeeze out different flavors or colors. For example, if its mint flavor–> colder than yesterday; Cinnamon–> hotter; mixed flavor or different color stripe–> its going to rain. Whether you really need your toothpaste to be a weather forecaster or such a product will ever make to the market (probably not) that’s a different story, but it’s a creative idea indeed!

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