UFO Sighting, No It Wasn’t.

5th June, early morning 5:55 AM, a twirling spiraling bright light was seen in the skies of eastern coast of Australia, capturing the attention of Australian mainstream media speculating that the object was probably an UFO. Lots of people saw the event, image and videos were captured and the news was allover the internet. While the whole event is awesome to watch, but it’s not an UFO.  Most likely its Space X Falcon 9 rocket, first privately launched rocket, which was launched from cape Carnival Florida. The timing of launch from Florida and sighting in Australia fits perfectly. Falcon9 was launched at 2:45 PM EDT from Florida which corresponds to 4:45 AM in Australia. Sighting was reported at 5:55 AM Australian time, exactly an hour after the launch. Phil Plait from Bad Astronomy blog and Flickr user jetforme provided the path information for Falcon9 rocket. As you can see , the Falcon 9 path passes over Australia. Phil estimates that according to this path, Falcon will reach Australian skies exactly an hour after the launch which explains the sighting. Rotating second stage booster gives spiral nature of the sighting. Similar bright spiraling objects were seen last year in Norway and Russia which later turned out to be missiles and rockets.

Photo credit: Flickr user jetforme


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