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Remembering Einstein: Exclusive Pictures

April 17, 2010

A never-published photo of Einstein’s papers, pipe, ashtray, chalk, and other personal belongings in his Princeton office on the morning of April 18, 1955. Photo Source: Life/Time Magazine: Ralph Morse

Life magazine released this month some exclusive pictures from the day when Einstein died, April 18th 1955. Since today being Einstein’s 55th death anniversary, I thought of sharing these pictures from this collection (courtesy Life and Time magazine). Only one photographer was provided access to take pictures on that day and that was Ralph Morse from Life magazine. But except one picture from that collection (picture 1 in the slideshow) none of them were released until now at the request of Einstein’s son. Here is the collection:

Some more pictures from other source:

The first picture (1882) is probably the earliest picture of Einstein available. The second picture was taken after Einstein’s death on 18th April 1955. It was the last blackboard Einstein ever used in his Princeton office.

Some Einstein Trivia:

  • Einstein couldn’t speak till age of three which led his parents to believe that something was wrong with him in his mental development.
  • He loved sailing, though never learnt to swim.
  • He never liked playing games of any kind such as card or word games. He said in one of his interviews that after work he would not like to spend time on anything which required mental activity.
  • He loved cigars and became a lifetime member of Montreal Pipe Smokers club in 1950.
  • He stopped wearing socks when he realized that big toe always ends up making hole in the sock.
  • In 1952, he was even offered presidency of Israel by a group of Israeli people when their first president died. Einstein obviously declined but was humbled by the offer and said in a Time magazine interview that “I have neither the natural ability nor the experience to deal with human beings”

Trivia source: Life

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