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Inventors Born in July

July 19, 2010

Nikola Tesla: Born 10 July, 1856 was an inventor and engineer and contributed to many fields, most notable being the Alternating Current or AC. He had a minimum of 278 patents which were accounted for which includes AC motor, AC power distribution system, Robotics, X-ray device, Ozone generation apparatus, bladeless turbine and many more. Tesla worked for Edison for few years but then they grew apart and their animosity against each other, some believe, led to neither of them winning the Nobel prize even after huge contribution to the scientific world.

George Eastman: Born July 12, 1854 invented Kodak and transparent film. In 1888, he invented the Brownie  camera, in 1891 daylight loading film, and in 1928 color film.

Theodore Maiman: Born July 11, 1927 was a physicist and invented first working laser, the Ruby laser. He was twice nominated for Nobel prize.

August Beer: Born July 31, 1825 was a mathematician and physicist and he co-formulated very famous Beer-Lambert law used in optics relating the absorption of light to the properties of the material.

Did I miss any other inventor or scientist born in July? Add to the list…

To know more about Tesla you can watch this funny but informative video celebrating Tesla’s 154th birth anniversary. The video mentions 700 patents which, I guess, includes sum total of all accounted and unaccounted patent applications. Correct number for accounted patent applications is close to 300.

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