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Griefing Bonobos

June 3, 2010

Watch this amazing video and let me know what you think about it. To give some background- Bonobos are endangered species and only found in Republic of Congo. They along with Chimpanzees are the closest relatives to us. In the above video, Lipopo is a 7 year old Bonobo who was new to the group but unfortunately died. Mimi is the anther Bonobo of the group, I guess Alpha female of the group, and initially when Lipopo was introduced to the group, Mimi kind of didn’t like him and ingnored him. But after his death, she is there and trying to protect him from being taken by the caretakers. She fights till the end, even though Bonobos are generally shy and afraid of bamboo sticks and dart guns, but here as you can see Mimi along with other Bonobos fight until the last to protect their deceased groupmember. Is it griefing, compassion, altruism? To me it looks like griefing, other might argue it as sign of altruism. Nonetheless, the video is very moving. Thanks to Vanessa Woods for detailed information. You can read her new book on Bonobos, Bonobo Handshake.

Video Courtesy- Friends of Bonobos

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