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Weekend Video: Cities Around The World

August 1, 2010

Traveling different cities and enjoying the local culture is one thing which I love to do and wish could get chance to travel more often. This weekend’s video consists of short videos covering cities such as Venezia or Venice, Madrid and various places in Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam. Enjoy and hope you had a great weekend!

Italy is my all time favorite place to visit and the first video reminds me of my trip to Venice in 2001, almost a decade back… time flies by fast…

Spain is a fun place to be, even though I have never been to Spain but I have few Spanish friends and they are fun. This video shot in Madrid makes me want to visit Spain very soon… While watching the video try to identify an old Bollywood melody used as part of background music in this video…

Last video for today is a travel video shot in various places in Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam. Beautiful montage!

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