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Travelog: In the Skies Thinking About Dosa and Injera

June 26, 2010

While flying to New York and trying to kill time, I flipped Delta Sky magazine. It has got some nice articles about South Africa and the world cup. In the food section, they got picture of Masala Dhosa[sic] and Sambhal[sic] from Shayona restaurant in Johannesburg and it’s making me hungry!! It’s lunch time and south Indian dishes are my all time favourite. I just wish they were more popular in US as well. For those who dont know about Dosa, it’s a crispy pancake made out of rice and lentil batter and served along with spicy potatoes rolled inside, coconut chutney and spicy soup of lentils and vegetables(Sambhar). Dosa and sambhar are both South Indian dishes but they are popular all over India and one of the most popular snack along with Samosa.

While travelling or dining out, I always like to try out different cuisines from time to time. Especially, while travelling, eating local food is the best way of experiencing new city and culture. Somehow, I am also able to find an Indian restaurant in any new city I visit, always, and I end up having atleast one meal there. I had not tried any African cuisine until few months ago when I had lunch at an Eithiopian restaurant ‘Emanu’ in Cincinnati. I had Injera along with spicy chicken curry. Injera is a pancake like dish made out of lentils, looks like Dosa but has a distinctive taste. In Eithiopia they have a tradition, I guess, of eating together from a large plate. So if you visit any any authentic Ethiopian restaurant you will be given an option of eating together with your friends from one big plate. So go give a try to Injera if any Ethiopian restaurant out there.

I started writing this post in flight; while saving some error occurred and I lost all if it. I started writing again when I took a train from JFK airport to Penn Station. Finally, I am on another train to Princeton, where I will take another train called ‘dinky‘ to reach Princeton University. Adios for now.

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  • 1. neha  |  July 1, 2010 at 9:20 am

    Blog ke saath saath thode se pictures bhee aane do, esp of Princeton and Einstien’s Office

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