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Weekend Video: “Antikythera In Lego” and Water Sculpture

January 31, 2011

I have not been able to add new posts recently but I won’t be skipping posting some beautiful and interesting videos. They are fun to watch and it doesn’t take much time for me to post them. I will be busy in coming days, so you can expect more videos and picture posts instead of longish posts. For this edition of weekend videos there are two awesome ones. The first one is a video showing working replica of world’s oldest computer “Antikythera— all made using Lego. This precise replica was created by Apple software engineer Andrew Carol and the video above explains the working of Antikythera. Antikythera is an ancient 2000 year old mechanical computer which was used to precisely calculate astronomical positions. The precision of measurements is even comparable to 19th century Swiss clocks. The amazing machine was found from a ship-wreck  in 1900-1901. It took almost 20 years to clearly understand and appreciate this complex but precise machine. Equally amazing is Andrew Carol’s recreation of this amazing machine using just the legos!

The second video is just magical– beautiful sculptures and calligraphy created by using water and colors. Artist Shinichi Maruyama uses adhesive forces between water molecules to create beautiful sculptures which he calls Kusho or “writing in the sky.” Enjoy!

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