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Live Updates On Japan Crisis

1 Comment March 17, 2011

The Japan Crisis

After Japan was struck by 9.0 magnitude earthquake, followed by 23-33 ft Tsunami which completely wiped away various cities in north-east coast of Japan, the country is now facing danger of nuclear meltdown and resulting effects from radiation leaks. It’s tough times for the people of Japan, our heart and wishes go out for them. I will be posting updates, news, pictures and other related info hereon.

Image credits: | Reuters| Associated press

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Video Footage Of The Uncontacted Tribe In Brazil

In my previous post, I posted the picture of an uncontacted tribe in Brazil. Now it’s time for some video footage. The aerial shots were taken by Brazilian Government agency, FUNAI, and the video was shown on BBC channel this week. As mentioned in my earlier post, these tribes are uncontacted implying that they don’t have any direct contact with the mainstream society, but it’s not like they were unknown to rest of the world. In fact, Brazilian govt has been monitoring these tribes for past 20 years in order to protect them and oversee their health. During regular aerial monitoring trips, the aircraft is usually flown about 1.2 kms high and no attempt is made to directly contact the tribes so that to avoid any transmittance of any kind of disease or affect their culture and environment.

“They always get scared when they see an aircraft, but this tribe is used to seeing commercial flights—Boeings and local jets—flying over the region,” said the newly retired Meirelles, who for 40 years worked for FUNAI, Brazil’s indigenous-rights agency.

“I prefer to get them scared once a year—and make sure they are healthy, growing in number, and protected from loggers and miners—rather than leave them without any supervision.” [ National Geographic]

The purpose of this video is to show the world and government agencies that such tribes exist and need to be protected. You can visit Survival International website to know more about what you can do to spread the message and protect these tribes.

1 Comment February 4, 2011

Picture Of The Day: Uncontacted Tribe In Brazil

A tribe living in the jungles of Brazil which has no contact with the outside world or the mainstream society was photographed recently by Brazilian government and was released by Survival International group on Jan 31st.  There are supposedly about 100 such uncontacted tribes all around the world. “Uncontacted” doesn’t mean that these tribes were lost or no one knew about their existence.

It’s extremely unlikely there are any tribes whose existence is totally unknown to anyone else. The uncontacted tribe in these photos has been monitored by the Brazilian government for 20 years, and lives in a reserve set up to protect uncontacted tribes…. The Brazilian authorities have been monitoring this group of uncontacted Indians for years from the air. Over-flights are used to gather evidence of invasions of their land…. They will have seen many planes over the years from commercial jets to light aircraft belonging to missionaries, prospectors, and government authorities… [Survival International]

The above picture was taken in western Brazil, very close to Peruvian border. If you look at the picture very closely, you can see various fruits– papaya, bananas, plantains, cassava or manioc. Also can be seen are metal pans and machete/knife which were supposedly obtained by inter-tribal tradings. This tribe including other uncontacted tribes all over the world are in danger and are fighting for their survival due to encroachment by the outside world. For more information and pictures about these tribes you can visit Survival International website.

Updates: For video footage click here.

Picture credit: Survival International:

1 Comment February 2, 2011

Memorial To Tucson Victims

Leave a Comment January 13, 2011

Haiti Earthquake: One Year After

It was last year this day, Jan 12th, when a powerful 7.0 earthquake shook Haiti and what remained afterwards were rubbles, dead bodies,  crying and wounded survivors. The tragic event killed more than 200,000 people and completely destroyed the capital city Port-au-Prince. Countries promised aid money and resources, non-profit organizations rushed to help the survivors but even after one year much need to be done. Only 5% of rubble in the capital city has been cleared till now; less than 10% of promised aid money has been delivered. Non-profit organizations helped in rehabilitating the survivors, but the whole effort has been so uncoordinated that it has,at many instances, made the situation worse. Nature has been cruel to Haitians, during the past year they encountered hurricanes and thunderstorms and that too while living in make-shift tents.  Currently the country is reeling under Cholera epidemic. Haitians are known for their resilience but the NGOs and other nations need to do better job in coordinating the Haiti rebuilding activities. Just the funds, promises and volunteerism will not work, proper planning is needed and hopefully this year things will pick up and situation will improve for Haitians.

About the above picture: Beaudin Lovinsky, a 4-year-old orphan, is dropped off with his belongings in a suitcase by his uncle (left) to be placed in the Children’s Foundation of Haiti orphanage, which is currently housed in makeshift tents in a tent city near the airport on January 10, 2011 in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. Lovinsky’s mother perished in the earthquake and his uncle said he could no longer afford to take care of him. It is common for Haitian families to place children they cannot afford to care for in orphanages. The orphanage’s building was damaged by the earthquake, forcing many of the orphans into tents. The orphanage has received no governmental assistance and little help from aid groups. According to the United Nations Children’s Fund, Haiti was home to more than 350,000 orphans before the earthquake, with many more orphaned following the quake. UNICEF recently announced that around 380,000 Haitian children are still living in camps one year after the earthquake.

Picture credit: |Mario Tama/Getty Images

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7 Billion And Counting…

Sometime this year in 2011, Earth’s population is going to be 7 billion and by 2045 it’s going to be 9 billion or more. Of these 1/3rd are going to reside in India and China. Can earth, with it’s limited resources, sustain these many people? What’s the best solution to tackle this problem? National Geographic has launched a year long series focusing on the world population issue, you can read the feature article here. It’s a complicated issue with various variables involved, but I guess focusing on education of girl child especially in developing countries can go a long way in solving this problem.

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Santa Is Coming To Town… Merry Christmas!

Santa Claus is coming to town but not necessarily on his sleigh driven by Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer but instead he can be seen skiing, snowboarding, skate-boarding, wake-boarding or even running. Whatever means of transport he has chosen this time, one thing is for sure that he is going to bring lots of gifts for everyone in the form of smile, happiness and gift-wrapped packets from Amazon. Merry Christmas to all of you!! If you have cool Christmas pictures from your city, you can let me know and I will upload them here.

Picture credit: |(image1) AP Photo/Joel Page | (image2) PAUL ELLIS/AFP/Getty Images | (image3) AP Images for Macy’s/Don Heupel

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