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ICORS 2010

I will be traveling to Boston to attend International Conference on Raman Spectroscopy (ICORS 2010) from 7th Aug to 12th Aug. This is after 14 years ICORS is coming back to US and there are some very interesting talks and sessions in the program. Laser co-inventor and Nobel prize winner, Charles Townes, will be giving a talk on Thursday which unfortunately I wont be able to attend as I have to be back in Cincinnati by Thursday. There is a wide range of topics which will be covered- Raman Spectroscopy for biological systems and biomedical applications, analysis and characterization of Carbon nanotubes and other carbonaceous materials, Semiconductors and nanoparticles, femtosecond and attosecond spectroscopy and much more. Depending on available time, I will be posting some updates about interesting talks from time to time. And ofcourse about Boston as well !! I am excited about it, time to learn some new stuff.

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Ode To The Laser

It was in May, 50 years ago when first Laser was invented and this whole year has been dedicated to Laser with various events and conferences being organized all around the world. This Ode To Laser comes from Jorge Cham at PhdComics celebrating the occasion:

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Weekend Video: Cities Around The World

Traveling different cities and enjoying the local culture is one thing which I love to do and wish could get chance to travel more often. This weekend’s video consists of short videos covering cities such as Venezia or Venice, Madrid and various places in Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam. Enjoy and hope you had a great weekend!

Italy is my all time favorite place to visit and the first video reminds me of my trip to Venice in 2001, almost a decade back… time flies by fast…

Spain is a fun place to be, even though I have never been to Spain but I have few Spanish friends and they are fun. This video shot in Madrid makes me want to visit Spain very soon… While watching the video try to identify an old Bollywood melody used as part of background music in this video…

Last video for today is a travel video shot in various places in Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam. Beautiful montage!

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Travelog: In the Skies Thinking About Dosa and Injera

While flying to New York and trying to kill time, I flipped Delta Sky magazine. It has got some nice articles about South Africa and the world cup. In the food section, they got picture of Masala Dhosa[sic] and Sambhal[sic] from Shayona restaurant in Johannesburg and it’s making me hungry!! It’s lunch time and south Indian dishes are my all time favourite. I just wish they were more popular in US as well. For those who dont know about Dosa, it’s a crispy pancake made out of rice and lentil batter and served along with spicy potatoes rolled inside, coconut chutney and spicy soup of lentils and vegetables(Sambhar). Dosa and sambhar are both South Indian dishes but they are popular all over India and one of the most popular snack along with Samosa.

While travelling or dining out, I always like to try out different cuisines from time to time. Especially, while travelling, eating local food is the best way of experiencing new city and culture. Somehow, I am also able to find an Indian restaurant in any new city I visit, always, and I end up having atleast one meal there. I had not tried any African cuisine until few months ago when I had lunch at an Eithiopian restaurant ‘Emanu’ in Cincinnati. I had Injera along with spicy chicken curry. Injera is a pancake like dish made out of lentils, looks like Dosa but has a distinctive taste. In Eithiopia they have a tradition, I guess, of eating together from a large plate. So if you visit any any authentic Ethiopian restaurant you will be given an option of eating together with your friends from one big plate. So go give a try to Injera if any Ethiopian restaurant out there.

I started writing this post in flight; while saving some error occurred and I lost all if it. I started writing again when I took a train from JFK airport to Penn Station. Finally, I am on another train to Princeton, where I will take another train called ‘dinky‘ to reach Princeton University. Adios for now.

1 Comment June 26, 2010

The Eyjafjallajökull Show

My fascination with the stunning visuals of the Eyjafjallajökull volcano continues. This  recent video by Sean Stiegemeier was filmed during May 1st and 2nd, 2010 who took a trip to Iceland just to shoot this event. Landscape of Iceland looks just stunning, makes me want to visit Iceland. Well, sometime soon… Anyways, you can also view the volcano live in action 24 hours a day!! A website from iceland MILA has set up a camera to provide the live action. You can also check out the thermal images of the eruption. Here is the link for the Live camera. Right now when I checked, it was bit dark but I could see random eruptions and smoke plume, probably during the daytime the view will be much better.

Ok, enough of Eyjafjallajökull, there are some other volcanoes too which deserve attention and they too are equally tough to pronounce. So let’s take a look at another volcano located nearby to Eyjafjallajökull and was erupting the same time as Eyjafjallajökull, but it didnt create any havoc to the air traffic by spewing out smoke and ash, so it was lost into oblivion.  Here is volcano Fimmfördurhals, shot beautifully by Marc Szeglat. Anyways, which one is tough-er to pronounce Fimmfördurhals or Eyjafjallajökull?

Eyjafjallajökull – Fimmförduháls Eruption on Iceland from Marc Szeglat on Vimeo.

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Eyjafjallajökull Update

This is the latest image of the Icelandic Volcano Eyjafjallajökull, the name you can’t pronounce, still. The volcano which started erupting on March 20th continues to spew ash as can be seen in this true-color image. The ash now extends atleast 530 miles from the Eyjafjallajökull and the ash has reached altitudes of 14,000-17,000 ft. The ash continues to disrupt the air traffic in various European countries including Spain, Ireland, Morocco. In the image you can see dark landscape close to volcano eruption area which is due to dark ash covering the ice. This image was acquired by the Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer aboard NASA’s Terra satellite, May 11th 2010. Photo Courtesy- NASA Earth Observatory.

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New Orleans Trip 2009

Some pictures from New Orleans Trip from last year. We were attending the NASLIBS conference. I loved the food there, it was just amazing. I will upload some more pictures later.

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Listen to New Orleans Jazz- We recorded it in one of the very famous Jazz club in Bourbon street (Preservation of Jazz club). You can listen us ( Bret, Michael and me) discussing in the background about which instrument we would like to play and then Michael suggesting that we should have a lab music challenge and then we all agree to his suggestion by saying that it’s completely do-able and we should do it 🙂

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