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Weekend Video: Plan Of The City

I am back with weekend video segment of my blog showcasing some of the most beautiful and creative videos out there. This weekend’s video “Plan of the City” is a 13 minute long audio-visual treat. What would it be like settling in Mars by transporting all the sky-scrappers from New York and Shanghai? Ofcourse you are allowed to carry  bunch of canned food (Tang cans) to survive the trip. The video creatively utilizes animation, live action footage, illustrations and photographs to create a beautiful visual collage. In fact, in order to give more realistic feel to the visuals,  images taken by Mars rovers Spirit and Opportunity were used. The audio for the video, Change,  was created by Judd Greenstein and performed by NOW Ensemble who also star in the video. The audio and visuals were both developed in parallel and compliment each other in the video but they also stand out on their own expressing artistic intentions. The whole project was conceived and directed by Joshua Frankel. About the video and live performance of the audio-video in New York, Washington Post writes:

An antic piece with repeated, shifting patterns that snap together like building blocks, it (Change) was played alongside a film by Joshua Frankel called “Plan of the City,” starring the members of the ensemble, in which the buildings of New York shoot rocket-like to Mars. This proved one of the best matches of visuals to music I’ve seen: The film’s low-key jokiness was tailored to the loose conversational tone of Greenstein’s music, and neither overpowered the other. Judge for yourself… [Washington Post]

Leave a Comment June 18, 2011

Something To Start Your Monday Morning

Monday mornings can be tough, so here is a cute and adorable video by father-daughter duo to start your day in cheerful mood. Well done Alexa! Thanks for this beautiful video and one day you will be able to whistle on that song for sure.

Song: Home

Artists: Jorge & Alexa Narvaez

Leave a Comment January 10, 2011

Songs For The Weekend

Being a long weekend, I thought I would be writing 3-4 posts tonight about stories I have been postponing for a while, but instead I ended up just listening to music. If you are also not doing anything and would like to listen to some of the songs from my playlist, here you go. I have listed a few of my favorite songs here. The playlist might take few seconds to load.  Just click on the playlist and then it will continuously play in shuffle mode.

Here is the Music Player. You need to installl flash player to show this cool thing!

Source: None of the Audio files are hosted on the server of this site. The audio links are provided from third party servers.

Leave a Comment December 24, 2010

Weekend Video: Musically And Colorfully Yours, From Paris

This weekend’s video edition consists of two beautiful videos from Paris. The first one is an on the spot music video by Kate’s band, “le band à Kate”. In this video, the band performs a bilingual song in a park while the children in the park enjoy the song dancing on the tunes. In the second video,Reulf, when little colorful creatures got bored of seeing Paris in black and white, they decide to color the whole city. Enjoy the videos and have a nice weekend!!

Leave a Comment December 19, 2010

Shankar Mahadevan Night in Boston

After a week long break, it’s time to update my blog with cool stories from the scientific world. But before I get to those stories, I will write something about my week long Boston trip. The whole Boston experience was just amazing. It’s a beautiful, vibrant city with lots of history. There is lot to write about my Boston experience which I will do in my next post along with pictures. During this trip, I also got a chance to attend Shankar Mahadevan concert and as always Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy trio rocked. The show started an hour late but they made it up with high energy performance. They kept the audience engaged all the time and performed most of their hit numbers. I tried to record few songs, but the audio did not come out that great, anyways here are two short clippings.

Leave a Comment August 15, 2010

Weekend Video: Birds & Music

You will love this weekend’s video which consists of birds and music. The first video is amazingly beautiful and the music is melodious. Wes Johnson shot the video of flock of birds sitting on a wire then superimposed Yann Tiersen’s music from movie Amelie. The birds, I guess, are starlings.

The second video is by Jarbas Agnelli. According to him “Reading a newspaper, I saw a picture of birds on the electric wires. I cut out the photo and decided to make a song, using the exact location of the birds as notes (no Photoshop edit). I knew it wasn’t the most original idea in the universe. I was just curious to hear what melody the birds were creating.”. Enjoy this creative video and have a nice weekend and don’t forget to watch the Worldcup finals on Sunday!!

Leave a Comment July 10, 2010

Ok Go Music Video: Rube Goldberg Machine Version

You need to watch this Rube Goldberg Machine Version of OkGo’s music video.

Leave a Comment June 6, 2010

Weekend Video: Songs Around the World

What better than music to bring people closer and shatter all the boundaries we have created in the name of religion, language, race, caste, nationalities and so on. With the aim of bringing people closer via music a multimedia movement called playing for change was started. Musicians from all around the globe networked and created music for global audience. The whole process was also documented in a movie called “Playing for change: Peace through music”. Two of the songs from this documentary are posted here.  Enjoy, I liked Grandpa Elliot a lot. Have a nice weekend!!

Leave a Comment June 5, 2010

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