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New Section: Blog Interviews

I have been thinking for a while to add an interview section in my blog and finally I am going to do that. I will be posting first interview of “Science Is Beautiful” blog during the week. My first blog interview will be with Dr Lammert de Jong, author of new book “Being Dutch , more or less” about which I wrote in one of my previous posts. In coming months , I will be adding some more interviews to the blog which will be a good opportunity for me as well as the readers to get some new perspective about various issues and topics. Here is a sneak preview of the interview:

“My interest in Dutch identity goes way back. During my formative years, especially the university years, it felt very comfortable  to be Dutch: lots of freedom, a civil society blessed with a safety welfare net for people who couldn’t make it on their own, prosperous etc…… After my university education, I spend many years in Africa and the Dutch Caribbean. In Zambia and Benin I was representing the rich Western world that wanted to fight poverty in the Third world, while in the Dutch Caribbean I was – literally- a representative of a former colonial power. Very different roles…. ”  – Dr Lammert de Jong.

Stay Tuned!!

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