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WINDIA: Team INDIA The World Champs

None of the home team had ever won the cricket World Cup, and no World Cup final century had ended in defeat but that was until yesterday– Team India are the world champions in cricket!!! It came after a long gap of 28 years, but what a tournament it has been for Team India. Congrats Team India, Congrats Indian cricket fans. Now it’s time to savor this well deserved victory.

The cup also adds one of the only missing laurels in legendary Sachin Tendulkar’s illustrious career of 21 years. As fellow teammate Virat Kohli rightly put it after carrying him on their shoulders for the victory lap around the stadium ” “Sachin Tendulkar has been carrying the burden of a billion fans for the past 21 years and it was time we carried him”. Well done Men in Blue!

No Jayawardene ton had ended in defeat. No World Cup final ton had ended in defeat. No home team had won the WC. Until today.

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Weekend Video: Cricket World Cup Special

Tomorrow, April 2nd 2011, India will be playing Sri Lanka in the finals of cricket World Cup. In India Cricket is not just a game but a way of life which is played in stadiums, school grounds, beaches and even streets and roads. No proper cricket gear available, not a problem, anything can be worked out as long as there’s a ball, a bat, and some passionate people to play the game of cricket. It’s the passion that drives the craze of cricket in India. I cherish those days when I used to play cricket every evening, every single day of the year. I was not much of a sportsperson, but enjoyed being in the field. Cricket originated in England as a gentleman’s game but it was in India where it became everyman’s game which could be played anywhere and by anyone. India winning the world cup in 1983 was a historic event, the importance of which could be understood by the fact that this year Indian census counting had a “local calendar of specific events and dates” to help people with no idea of their birthdates to estimate their age based on their remembrance of these events; India winning cricket world cup in 1983 was one of the events listed in the calendar along with India’s Independence day, Rajiv Gandhi’s assassination and Mother Teresa’s death among others. Now it’s time for another World cup! I will be up all night watching the game tonight and will be hoping that Sachin lifts the World Cup this time.

This weekend’s video edition showcases two cricket related videos: the first one is a historic video commissioned by the British Council in the 1940s to provide an introduction to one of the most traditional British sports, Cricket. The second one is one of the first Nike Cricket commercial which captures passion of cricket in India and the concept of street or gully cricket. If you are wondering what’s the song in the video, it’s a konkani song “Bebdo”.As a bonus there’s a third video just to say “Best of Luck India”.

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Cricket World Cup 2011: Chak De India

What an awesome semi-final game! And most importantly, India won the game and are now in the finals of Cricket World cup which will be played in Mumbai against Sri Lanka. I have been a bit delayed in posting about the game as I was sleeping most of yesterday after being awake all night to watch the India Pakistan semi-final game. For people who don’t know much about cricket, World cup is organized every four years, just like FIFA world cup and the 10th edition of cricket world cup is being currently held and co-hosted by India, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh. Cricket World cup is the 3rd most watched sporting event across the globe after FIFA world cup and summer Olympics. So that must give you some idea of how big the event is. Being immensely popular  in the second largest populated country in the world helps in adding to the viewership numbers. In India cricket is religion, Sachin Tendulkar is god and India-Pakistan World cup game brings both the nations to halt. I did not watch most of the games this time, but did not miss the chance to watch the semi-final game between the arch rivals. The game was not best in terms of quality but it had all the thrills, drama and emotions to keep you at the edge of your seat till the last minute. All the best to “Men in Blue” for the finals and hoping India wins World cup 2011 after a gap of 28 years. It’s high time now. So Go India! Chak De India!

Image credit: The Guardian UK |Prakash Singh| AFP| Getty Images| Noah Seelam

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Double Ton-dulkar!!

Congrats Sachin!! Sachin has been my idol ever since I was a little kid and here he goes again proving that if you have patience, perseverance , motivation and determination you can achieve anything in this world. Kudos to you for being such humble person even after being in the limelight all the time.

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