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Avatar is fantasy… Dongria Kondh is real

March 5, 2010

Replace Unobtanium with Bauxite, Pandora with mountain Niyamgiri in Orissa India and Navis with Dongria Kondh tribe and you got real life Avatar. Dongria kondh is a tribal community of about 8000 people and they live on Niyamgiri hill and depend on the nature for their survival. Niyamgiri is a sacred mountain for them and is a lifeline for the communty’s survival. To play villian, here comes London based mining co, Vedanta, who wants to blast the mountain for bauxite. Govt of India has approved the mining, but the kondh community for whom it’s a matter of survival, they are not giving up. This movement which started in 2006 has got worldwide atention and support and the efforts have led some of the Vedanta investors to back off during last month. Let’s hope govt of India takes necessary steps to protect the community. In return for destroying their home, Vedanta is promising them development which includes, cash money, roads, houses. Forget about proper implementation of these ideas, what does money even mean to people who dont even know what to do with it; they have got all their food, water, medicine, everything from the nature… what will they do of the roads when they dont own any vehicle… They don’t need any so called “development” and just want to be left alone with their way of living…  Read the whole story at Survival International.

How you can help

You can write to the Minister of Environment and Forests, urging him to uphold the Dongria Kondh’s rights and safeguard their future.

Watch a clip about this struggle below:

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