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Laser Pioneers- A Pictorial Journey

April 8, 2010

Lasers celebrate 50 years of it’s existence this year. It’s been a remarkable journey and lasers now are an important tool in making fundamental discoveries besides being part of our day to day lives. In my previous post about lasers I wrote about some very important discoveries and inventions related with lasers which ultimately led to scientists winning Nobel Prizes. Here I am providing a link for a pictorial view of all the Laser pioneers who made possible the curent extensive use of lasers in research as well as in our daily lives. The picture shown here is of Theodore Maiman who is credited with the invention of first laser (Ruby Laser) in 1960, even though several other researchers and groups led to the development of the laser science simultaneously.

“… Solve a puzzle, understand something new, and it’s exhilarating …” — Charles Townes, Nobel Laureate in the field of Lasers and Masers.

Sources:   Photo: Theodore Maiman: Laser Inventor-

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