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Getting Closer to Detection of God Particle

April 2, 2010

We might now be a step closer in detecting Higgs Boson Particle or “God Particle” as it is called in the popular media. On March 30th, scientists at CERN were able to collide two high energy proton beams (3.5 Tev each beam) in the Large Hadron Collider facility. This is the highest energy man-made particle collisions ever made. If experiments go right, hopefully scientists will be able to detect the Higgs Boson particle in coming year and that will complete the only missing link in the Standard Model in Particle Physics. In layman terms, Higgs particles are the fundamental particles which provide mass to all the other particles. But there is lot more physics involved in describing Higgs particles- Field theory, Higgs field, massless particles, intertia imparted by field interactions and so on. Failure to detect existence of Higgs particles in theses experiments would lead to collapse of the Standard Model. Why they are called God particle- maybe because it is responsible for giving mass to everything in this universe or maybe because of its elusive nature.

To understand better the fundamentals of Higgs Particles you might like to listen to Proff Unnikirshanan’s interview from TIFR Mumbai: Audio source:

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