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India Celebrates 61st Republic Day

January 25, 2011

Tomorrow, 26th Jan, India will be celebrating 61st Republic Day, the day India adopted it’s constitution. The day also marks 81st anniversary of original declaration of independence from British Rule in 1930. The day is celebrated all across the country with the main function being held at New Delhi which includes a massive parade and colorful display of cultural diversity of the country. It has been a roller coaster ride for the country since Independence and the future lies in the country’s youth and how they tackle various issues including corruption, education system, caste system etc. The above picture shows President’s Residence, Rashtrapti Bhawan, decorated with lights on the eve of the republic Day (picture taken last year). In the picture below, an artist looks at other performers and waits for his chance to perform during the rehearsal for the main event (picture taken last year). Happy Republic Day!

Image credits: | AP Photo/ Gurinder Osan

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