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Weekend Video: Cricket World Cup Special

April 1, 2011

Tomorrow, April 2nd 2011, India will be playing Sri Lanka in the finals of cricket World Cup. In India Cricket is not just a game but a way of life which is played in stadiums, school grounds, beaches and even streets and roads. No proper cricket gear available, not a problem, anything can be worked out as long as there’s a ball, a bat, and some passionate people to play the game of cricket. It’s the passion that drives the craze of cricket in India. I cherish those days when I used to play cricket every evening, every single day of the year. I was not much of a sportsperson, but enjoyed being in the field. Cricket originated in England as a gentleman’s game but it was in India where it became everyman’s game which could be played anywhere and by anyone. India winning the world cup in 1983 was a historic event, the importance of which could be understood by the fact that this year Indian census counting had a “local calendar of specific events and dates” to help people with no idea of their birthdates to estimate their age based on their remembrance of these events; India winning cricket world cup in 1983 was one of the events listed in the calendar along with India’s Independence day, Rajiv Gandhi’s assassination and Mother Teresa’s death among others. Now it’s time for another World cup! I will be up all night watching the game tonight and will be hoping that Sachin lifts the World Cup this time.

This weekend’s video edition showcases two cricket related videos: the first one is a historic video commissioned by the British Council in the 1940s to provide an introduction to one of the most traditional British sports, Cricket. The second one is one of the first Nike Cricket commercial which captures passion of cricket in India and the concept of street or gully cricket. If you are wondering what’s the song in the video, it’s a konkani song “Bebdo”.As a bonus there’s a third video just to say “Best of Luck India”.

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