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Grandma and the Baby

March 30, 2010

Amazing artwork by Chase. Loved the expressions: sense of satisfaction on grandma’s  face and curiosity on baby’s face looking at the blue earth from the spaceship. In fact, it reminded me of one of my own experiences during one of my India trips. I was traveling from Atlanta to Mumbai via Amsterdam and my co-passengers in my neighboring seats were a two-three year old girl with her father on one side and an old lady (in her 80s) on the other side. The old lady had not traveled much but now she wanted to travel and wanted to see all her friends all over the world and she loved to talk. While the baby girl was very restless and her father read to her all the story books possible, played along with her various dolls during the 8-hour flight to Amsterdam. In the morning when the sun was shining in between the clouds, it was an amazing scene and both the baby and the old lady watched the sunrise through the window with a similar expression as depicted in this pic. The old lady was so happy to see the beautiful sunrise and said that if not she would have decided to travel, probably she would have missed this moment in her lifetime, while the baby girl after watching the sunrise with curiosity and calmness, went back to her restless ways.

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