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Dot:Technology, Creativity And Guinness World Record

September 28, 2010

What can you achieve if you use technology creatively and intelligently? You can solve many of the world’s problems, make world a better place to live and can also break few Guinness world records on the way. Animators at Aardman used three very innovative technologies to come up with the world’s smallest stop-motion video and broke the Guinness World record for smallest stop-motion character.

The video is about a girl Dot who is just 9 mm tall and as she wakes up she sees the whole world around her unravelling and she runs across all kinds of stuff: coins, nails, threads and in the end knits a blanket and saves herself. So that’s about the film.

Coming to technology, animators used a Nokia N8 smartphone to create the video connected to another very smart and life-saving technology, Cellscope, which is a¬†high quality¬†microscope with capability of attaching it to a smartphone. Cellscope combined with phone camera can be used to take images of blood samples which can be then transmitted to any part of the world for further analysis. The technology can be very helpful in countries where diagnostic facility is not available in the vicinity and by taking images, samples can be sent anywhere to specialists instantly for quick and further analysis and many precious lives can be saved. Pretty cool! The third technology which animators used is 3-D printing. Usually when creating stop-motion videos, clay models are used. But in this video due to size limitation clay models were not feasible. Instead 3-D printing was used which prints out solid objects made of some kind of plastic. Overall, pretty smart and creative video!! Now after watching the video and reading about all these cool technologies, you might be intested in watching “Making of Dot” video, so here it goes:

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