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Can You “Dance Your Ph.D.”

October 20, 2010

I have been really very busy this week and that explains why I have been slacking in blogging. I will keep updating the blog with few short posts mostly of videos, pictures or quick links until I get relatively free. Anyways, heres for you all Phd students- can you tell me what your Phd topic is? Ok, you can do that, but how about explaining your Phd work in form of dance… How neurons transmit information, how diffusion takes place in hot plasma, how cells migrate etc etc… Time to “Dance your Ph.D.”… Science has organized this contest for past three years where Phd students from all over the world submit their creative dance videos explaining their Phd work. This year there were about 45 submissions and winner was announced yesterday. Watch contest winner Maureen McKeague, a chemistry Ph.D. student at Carleton University in Ottawa, explain her research on designer molecules. Can you too “Dance your Phd’?

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