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Top Kill Dies

May 30, 2010

I feel very sad writing this post about the news that the most recent effort by BP to control the spill, failed this Saturday. ‘Top Kill’ is dead and with it died many hopes of fishermen and other people living in the affected coastal areas in Gulf of Mexico. With it also died countless organisms living beneath the ocean, not to forget several other much more visible organisms on the surface including sea turtles, birds, crabs, fishes etc. The whole ecosystem is in a mess and there seems to be no end to the dark poison being spewed continously since April 20th. President Obama is enraged and disheartened with this latest failed effort. So are we and we need some quick results. It amazes me that with such advancements in technologies in various fields from space missions to Mars and Saturn, to creating artificial cells, we can’t cap a damn leaking oil well. Why aren’t scientists allowed to work with BP to come up with some solutions? Does BP own that part of the ocean to do whatever experiments they want to do? Did they never think , even as an afterthought, what to do if some pipe starts leaking under the sea? Or were they just busy spending money in Beyond Petroleum campaign and forgot to allocate funds for disaster control?

I got this news after i read a page long advertisement by BP in Wall street Journal that they care and they will clean this mess without using taxpayers money and beyond the cap regulations. As I finished reading this adv, my friend Arvind told me that Top Kill failed. So here I am expressing my frustration. BP (should I start calling them British Polluters as Grrenpeace been calling them, suits well right) announced that after this failure they are back to work on their new experiment which they are hopeful of working but can’t guarantee. Ofcourse you can’t , even if you guarantee, I won’t believe a word of it until you show some results BP. In the new approach, they are going to cut the faulty riser, which has been gushing oil, and put a containment and seal it. Experts believe, this can further worsen the situation as a bent in the riser has somewhat restricted the flow, cutting it and failure to contain it spells further disaster. Relief wells which can guarantee controlling the spill won’t be ready till August and till then…. To add to the woes, Hurricane season starts June 1st which can further worsen the situation. I don’t know what else to write, I am sad, I am pissed off and I share the hopelessness of humans and birds and sea organisms affected by this disaster.

Photo Credit: Flickr user Noah Scalin

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