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Tiny BP Spill Survivors

July 14, 2010

BP is trying to put a new cap, which looks promising as of now, and hopefully relief wells will be completed soon putting and end to one of the worst environmental disaster of all times. Not many good news have been coming out of Gulf of Mexico, but there’s a good one today.

The first sea turtle hatchlings whose eggs were evacuated from the Gulf Coast oil spill to Florida’s Kennedy Space Center have been released into the Atlantic Ocean.

Biologist Jane Provancha says the newborn Kemp’s ridley sea turtles did well after their release.

About 700 sea turtle nests — each containing about 100 eggs — are being trucked from oiled shores along the Gulf to Cape Canaveral, where they’re kept at a climate-controlled facility. The turtles are being released into the Atlantic as they hatch.

Scientists feared that a generation of the imperiled species would die if they hatched and swam into the oil. [Associated Press]

You can see another picture  of these 10 turtles being released into the ocean. Eight more turtles will be released by August. That’s a hopeful news but there is a tough life ahead of these tiny survivors. Also, let’s hope the new cap and the relief well works and put an end to this nightmare catastrophe caused due to sheer greed and negligence of humans.

Picture credit: Ocean Conservancy

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