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BP Spill in Context

June 2, 2010

I have  not been able to update my bog lately but will get back to my usual regular postings tomorrow onwards. For today, another BP spill related post. I know, I am kind of stuck with BP spill related news but I can’t get my head out of the disaster which could have been prevented. We can blame BP or the government agencies as much we want but as of now we need collective efforts to get out of the mess and keep the blame-game for later. Anyways, today’s post is to understand the BP spill in some relative context which has been beautifully visualized by David McCandless from As you can see from the illustration, the spill will take more than 20-30 years for ecosystem recovery and maybe even more. Even though the amount of the spill is not that much comparing with the amount we consume everyday, but its impact on the ecosystem and people who live in the coastal areas of the Gulf of Mexico is going to be huge. Also the illustration shows how important it is to cut our dependence on fossil fuels and start moving towards greener options  as there is not much oil left anyways!! One barrel of oil equals 42 gallons, but here David has shown 1 barrel of oil = 19 gallons of petrol. I am assuming that one barrel of crude oil usually results in 20-23 gallons of petrol and that’s the number he is using, I guess. I am linking the live streaming of the BP spill control activity again in this post.

Video streaming courtesy NPR/PBS

Illustration by David McCandless

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