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Archives – September, 2011

Symphony of Science: The Quantum World

Enjoy the symphony of quantum world featuring Morgan Freeman, Stephen Hawking, Michio Kaku, Brian Cox, Richard Feynman, and Frank Close.

Video credit:

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Picture of The Day: Baby Elephant in Orange Raincoat

In the picture you can see baby elephant Shukuru wearing a custom made raincoat in order to protect him from cold and rain. Baby Shukuru is a victim of incessant poaching and human-wildlife conflict occurring in the jungles of Kenya. Elephants who used to walk free in the jungles are now endangered. Like many other baby elephants in these jungles, Shukuru is an orphan and is being taken care at David Sheldrick Wildlife trust in Nairobi where he is being fed, protected and rehabilitated. Once they are no longer milk-dependent they are moved from this elephant nursery to other centers. Slowly they are moved to their natural habitat, but this can take few years (8-10) before they are ready to move in the wild. Baby elephants are dependent on their mother’s milk for about 2-4 years and that causes serious problems in raising young orphan elephants. You can read more about Shukura and many other baby elephants in NatGeo article. These beautiful pictures have been taken by Michael Nichols and if you are interested in some good Nature pictures, you might consider getting his App for your iPad.


Image Credit: Michale Nichols | National Geographic

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Picture of The Day: Simultaneous Sunset And Moonset

This incredible image of simultaneous sunset and moonset was taken by astronaut Ron Garan on Jul 31 from the International Space Station. ISS orbits around the earth every 90 minutes so the astronauts aboard ISS get a chance to witness this amazing event about 16 times a day!! Ron also took picture of one of the 16 sunrises, here it is:

Image Credit: NASA

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Science Is Supercool

Comic strip credit: Abstruse Goose A Web comic | Used under Creative Commons License

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Hurricane Irene’s life span

Hurricane Irene spanned from Caribbean to Canada and lasted for more than a week. NASA/NOAA satellite GOES-13 kept a track of the hurricane and NASA posted a video of the hurricane dating Aug 21st to Aug 29th which covers almost entire life-span of the hurricane. In the video you can see the formation of eye (at about 30 seconds in the video). Right after the formation of eye, you can see a burst of white clouds on the right of the eye which then merges with the core of the hurricane. This burst is due to warm air rising the clouds , also called as overshooting tops, and resulting in severe rainfall. Hurricane Irene at it’s strongest was a category 3 hurricane and turned out to be one of the top ten most destructive hurricanes in the history of US since 1980. About 27 lives were lost, entire transportation system in east coast was affected and more than 5 million people lost power.

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Mirror O Magic Mirror Tell Me What To Wear…

Magic mirror which you have read about in fairy tales is not far from becoming reality. Nieman Lab ( a collaborative effort between NY times and Nieman Journalism foundation at Harvard) has come with an interactive mirror which can deliver world news to you right in your bathroom while you are brushing your teeth , can help you in deciding your outfit, can scan your bar-coded medicines and tell you when you need to refill your prescription, can provide you coupons for off the shelf medicines…. The mirror uses Microsoft’s kinetic motion-sensing technology, voice sensing technology and Time’s APIs for dynamic updates. So what do you think of magic mirror, will you install one in your bathroom if it comes out in the market?

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Weekend Video: Everything Nice| Timelapse and Tempest Milky Way

After a long hiatus from blogging, I am back to blogging world!! My work is keeping me busy, so my posts will be relatively shorter but be assured that I will keep posting interesting stories. To begin with lets watch some beautiful and creative videos. First  video by Randy Halverson simply is breathtaking. There are so many things to look for in the video- our galaxy milky way in the night sky, falling meteors (look for one at 3:24 min), brewing storm on the grounds, white-tail deer (look for it at 1:57 min) and much more. The video was shot in Dakota during June-August.  So turn on the volume, click on HD button and enjoy this beautiful video.

This weekend’s  second  video has been submitted by Ceri titled “Everything Nice | Timelapse”. I hope you enjoy his video.  More stories and videos in coming days, have a nice long weekend!!


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