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Archives – February, 2011

Weekend Videos: Nature In Action

This weekend’s video edition showcases two very beautiful videos showing nature in action. The first one is a beautifully shot 8-min short film “Winter in Hell” giving us a glimpse of stunning and jaw-dropping visuals of Icelandic landscape. As the film progresses, the frozen landscape gets transformed when Eyjafjallajokull volcano erupts spewing out hot molten lava. Enrique Pechico shot this video in about an year and spent another eight months to process it and the outcome is just superb.

The second video by Mark Rigler captures another spectacular natural phenomenon–starling roosting. More than 100,000 starlings fly over the skies of Sterte in UK and as they fly and turn and wheel and swoop they make spectacular patterns in the sky– call it avian sculpture in the sky or you can call it murmuration. Starlings are very social birds and these huge flocks provide them socializing opportunity and allows them to keep warm in the night. Large numbers of birds in the flock also provides them safety from their predators. Enjoy these videos and have a great SuperBowl Weekend. Go Packers, Go Steelers!!

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Video Footage Of The Uncontacted Tribe In Brazil

In my previous post, I posted the picture of an uncontacted tribe in Brazil. Now it’s time for some video footage. The aerial shots were taken by Brazilian Government agency, FUNAI, and the video was shown on BBC channel this week. As mentioned in my earlier post, these tribes are uncontacted implying that they don’t have any direct contact with the mainstream society, but it’s not like they were unknown to rest of the world. In fact, Brazilian govt has been monitoring these tribes for past 20 years in order to protect them and oversee their health. During regular aerial monitoring trips, the aircraft is usually flown about 1.2 kms high and no attempt is made to directly contact the tribes so that to avoid any transmittance of any kind of disease or affect their culture and environment.

“They always get scared when they see an aircraft, but this tribe is used to seeing commercial flights—Boeings and local jets—flying over the region,” said the newly retired Meirelles, who for 40 years worked for FUNAI, Brazil’s indigenous-rights agency.

“I prefer to get them scared once a year—and make sure they are healthy, growing in number, and protected from loggers and miners—rather than leave them without any supervision.” [ National Geographic]

The purpose of this video is to show the world and government agencies that such tribes exist and need to be protected. You can visit Survival International website to know more about what you can do to spread the message and protect these tribes.

1 Comment February 4, 2011

Picture Of The Day: Uncontacted Tribe In Brazil

A tribe living in the jungles of Brazil which has no contact with the outside world or the mainstream society was photographed recently by Brazilian government and was released by Survival International group on Jan 31st.  There are supposedly about 100 such uncontacted tribes all around the world. “Uncontacted” doesn’t mean that these tribes were lost or no one knew about their existence.

It’s extremely unlikely there are any tribes whose existence is totally unknown to anyone else. The uncontacted tribe in these photos has been monitored by the Brazilian government for 20 years, and lives in a reserve set up to protect uncontacted tribes…. The Brazilian authorities have been monitoring this group of uncontacted Indians for years from the air. Over-flights are used to gather evidence of invasions of their land…. They will have seen many planes over the years from commercial jets to light aircraft belonging to missionaries, prospectors, and government authorities… [Survival International]

The above picture was taken in western Brazil, very close to Peruvian border. If you look at the picture very closely, you can see various fruits– papaya, bananas, plantains, cassava or manioc. Also can be seen are metal pans and machete/knife which were supposedly obtained by inter-tribal tradings. This tribe including other uncontacted tribes all over the world are in danger and are fighting for their survival due to encroachment by the outside world. For more information and pictures about these tribes you can visit Survival International website.

Updates: For video footage click here.

Picture credit: Survival International:

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Turn A Pumpkin Into A Camera, How?


The above video shows how you can use a pumpkin to take pictures, isn’t that amazing. In fact you can use any object or box, make it lightproof , punch a tiny hole, put a film inside it and you have got a lens-less pinhole camera. The concept of pinhole camera can be traced back to 4th century BC; the idea was explained in detail and published in 1021 AD in the Book of Optics by Arab scholar Alhazen. Light from outside world enters the box and forms an inverted image of the object on the film.  When an object is placed outside the box and light is shown on it, different parts of the object send different amount of light inside the box, some are more bright, some are less, resulting in formation of an inverted image on the film. Smaller the hole, sharper the image but it also makes the image dimmer. The exposure times can be lengthy and can range from few seconds to hours. You can optimize the size of the pinhole by doing some calculations and thereby also determine the f-number and exposure time of your camera. It’s not that easy to get everything right while working with pinhole cameras, so patience will be required before you get a good shot, but it will be worth it!

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Random Travel Pictures: Experiment With Insta.gram App

[slickr-flickr  tag= “instagram1”]

Pictures have been taken in Berlin, Gainesville, Miami, Brussels, Cincinnati and New Orleans. Some special effects applied using filters from insta.gram iPhone application.

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