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Archives – October, 2010

Weekend Video: Breakups- The Series

This weekend’s video is one of the skits from series “Break ups” created by Ted Tremper. What’s creative about this video is that there is no script for the skit and it’s complete improvisation by the actors as the conversation goes on. The series won Vimeo award this month in Original series category. Warning: There are many words in this video which would normally be bleeped if it was played on any TV channel. So play at your own risk.

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What’s Your Formula, Equation, Algorithm?

In 2007, Edge foundation asked world renowned researchers and scientists to post their formulae or equations for 21st century. This is one of them posted by Univ of Oxford Evolutionary biologist, Richard Dawkins. I will post more of them in coming days.

Source: Edge Foundation Inc.

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29th Annual AAAR Conference, Portland

I will be traveling to Portland, Oregon all of next week for attending American Association for Aerosol Research Conference. This will be my first time attending this conference and as I am relatively new to the aerosol community, this will be a great opportunity for me to learn some new stuff in aerosol characterization and measurement methods. I will also be presenting my work on elemental characterization of fine and ultra-fine aerosols using Laser-induced Breakdown spectroscopy. If you are interested, here are the abstracts of my oral presentation and poster presentation. (shameless self promotion :))

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Picture of The Day: Biological World Visualized

The picture above was taken by Dr Paul Andrews from Univ of Dundee, Scotland while studying Aurora B protein Kinase. What you see here are two human cancer cells (HeLa cells), magnified 100 times, dividing into two daughter cells and expressing Aurora B kinase. In cancerous cells, these proteins are over-expressed, which can be used as marker for cancerous cells in the body.  We need more research and funding in finding treatment for all kinds of cancer; we can’t afford to lose so many valuable lives to this deadly disease. I hope and wish we find some cure soon.

The picture below is 2-photon fluorescence image of glial cells in the brain. Most of our brain is made of glial cells, almost 90% of it. They provide support to neurons in our brain. I have been planning to write a post on glial cells for so long and have been postponing it. Hopefully, I can write about history and research of these cells very soon. If you want to look more at such microscopic images, you can visit Nikon Small world Gallery.

Picture credit: 1. | Nikon Small world | Dr Paul Andrews, Univ of Dundee

2. | Nikon Small world | Dr Paul Andrews |Thomas Deerinck,  University of California, San Diego

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Can You “Dance Your Ph.D.”

I have been really very busy this week and that explains why I have been slacking in blogging. I will keep updating the blog with few short posts mostly of videos, pictures or quick links until I get relatively free. Anyways, heres for you all Phd students- can you tell me what your Phd topic is? Ok, you can do that, but how about explaining your Phd work in form of dance… How neurons transmit information, how diffusion takes place in hot plasma, how cells migrate etc etc… Time to “Dance your Ph.D.”… Science has organized this contest for past three years where Phd students from all over the world submit their creative dance videos explaining their Phd work. This year there were about 45 submissions and winner was announced yesterday. Watch contest winner Maureen McKeague, a chemistry Ph.D. student at Carleton University in Ottawa, explain her research on designer molecules. Can you too “Dance your Phd’?

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Weekend Video: Bottle

Keeping up with theme of showcasing creative videos here comes another beautiful stop-motion short for this weekend’s video edition. The animation video titled “Bottle” has been shot by Kirsten Lepore on location at a beach, snow and underwater. The story details a transoceanic conversation between two characters via objects in a bottle. It’s a beautiful story shot very creatively by Kirsten.

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Picture of The Day: High Speed Photography

Any guesses what are these pictures about? Of course you can see some kind of liquid being splashed, but what is it and how were these pictures taken? These are images of bursting balloons filled with colored/plain water! These beautiful and amazing images were taken by photographer Edward Horsford who resides in London. In order to get the frozen images of bursting balloons he uses a high speed trigger, strobe, camera, balloon and  pin to prick the balloon. Timing of flash is important and therefore he designed the trigger himself which is sound activated; the trigger picks up the sound of the popping of the balloon which sets the flash on. For more details about his technique you can follow this article.

Picture credit: Edward Horsford

Leave a Comment October 16, 2010 is a great organization which is in it’s 10th year of connecting public school classrooms and general public like us so that classroom needs can be met. Public school teachers in US spend lots of money from their own pocket for providing quality education and making learning fun and innovative. Requirements of classroom can range anything from pencils, books to computers , musical instruments and so on. Teachers send their class requirements to, people donate on specific projects and then funds are sent to the school.  You’ll get photos of your project taking place, a thank-you letter from the teacher, and a cost report showing how each dollar was spent. If you give over $100, you’ll also receive hand-written thank-you letters from the students. Donation amount can be as little as $5.

I have set up a Science is Beautiful giving page and you can donate any amount to any of those selected classroom projects or any other project you want. I have selected projects from Florida and Ohio; take a look at them and start giving!! Happy giving!

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